Frequently Asked Questions

Please view the frequently asked questions below if you need help with anything.

Becoming a MyPaidFeedback panelist is 100% free of charge! There are no fees throughout the entire process, and you’ll never be asked to subscribe to or purchase anything. And you can start making money online for free within few days of getting signed-up. Please make sure you answer your profile questions correctly and completely.

All our providers are reputable organizations interested in honestly knowing and understanding what consumers and markets want. They comply with the best practice and guidelines related to market research process.

Not enough to become a millionaire, but enough to supplement your income! Payment varies for each survey and generally depends on survey length. The particular range of payment for surveys will be mentioned in the survey link as and when you start accessing the same. This can be a lucrative side-hustle to earn money online if you are regularly matched with surveys.

The personal data is used to match you with relevant surveys. Often, surveys only pertain to a particular group of people, i.e. being a woman would be relevant for women’s hygiene products. The address data is only used to confirm your identity (that it is really you participating). This is solely for security purposes and guarantees your payment.

Your personal data and address data is only used for internal purposes to contact you by email or identify you as a participant. All other data is annonymous.

No. Your email address is only used for inviting you to the online surveys and is not forwarded to third parties. You will never receive any advertisements.

Never. All survey results are anonymous, ensuring that no one will be able to determine your identity based on the answers provided. The data from all participants is summarized or aggregated before being used for further processing.

Your online profile (after you have successfully created and became a panelist at will invite you by email to participate in online surveys. Your log-in page will also show all the surveys that you are eligible to participate in.

This varies. Some surveys are very short, taking only a few minutes to complete, while others may take up to an hour to complete. It can range from 5 to 15 minutes depending on the details. Generally, longer surveys result in more compensation where you can make more money online.

This may vary and is dependent on your personal profile and requirements from different companies for engaging and knowing opinion from similar profile of target audience. Some groups of people are invited more often than others – it all depends on demand.

This also varies, but most of the time you have several days to complete the survey. Sometimes, however, a survey may be completed after 24 hours if the required number of participants has been attained.

No, there is no obligation to participate. You are not required to respond to the email invitations. However please note that incomplete surveys are not eligible for payment.

Absolutely! There are no contractual obligations, or any other conditions attached to your registration. You can cancel your registration by emailing to CINT as per the activation email that you would receive.

Unfortunately, no. Most surveys only apply to the country where you are based in since we are interested in aggregating the results from a country representative sample.

Yes, definitely. There are many possibilities available including participating in focus group discussion, in-depth interviews, mystery shopping and many more. You can email us at or complete our form online to show your interest for the same.

There are various payment models depending on the country where you live. You will know it at the time of signing-up to the panel of your country. Payment options vary by countries depending on what is allowed. In addition to signing up, you would also need to read and create your accounts for your preferred payment option. Please visit the respective website of your preferred option. Survey completion will give you points and once you reach certain threshold, you would be able to convert them into a payment. You can choose multiple payment options. You will get all the details in your welcome email you would get once you sign-up. Please make sure your email address is correct and check it for next steps. All surveys will be online and will be sent via email to your registered account.

You must collect a certain minimum in credits (usually $10 USD) before being paid out. If you are paid out in cash, you are either sent a cheque by mail or the money is transferred to your PayPal account. If being paid by voucher, you are sent vouchers by email or by courier mail and can redeem them online or in select stores.

If you register with several providers, you will also receive more invitations, which leads to higher overall earnings. However, be careful – there are also some black sheep who only pretend to carry out surveys. A legitimate market research provider will never want to send you any advertisements or charge a registration fee.